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Welcome to our research group's website!

Our group specializes in data-driven modeling of dynamical systems for mechanical engineering applications. In particular, our research lies at the exciting and fertile intersection between data-science methods, dynamics and control theory, and fluid mechanics applications.

Check out our YouTube channel at for videos on our latest research, seminar talks, lectures on math and science and more!



  • Our latest JFM article is now online! We developed an equation-based framework for sensor/actuator placement aiming at open-loop flow control.  Sep 25, 2023

  • Erick Kracht joined the group as a PhD student—welcome! He will be working in the intersection between data-driven modeling and hydrodynamic stability. Aug 7, 2023

  • Efrain passed his final exam to become a mechanical engineer—congratulations! Jun 2, 2023

  • Diemen Delgado joined the group —welcome! He will be working on data-driven sparse model discovery of nonlinear dynamics on manifolds. Mar 27, 2023

  • Nicolás Torres joined the group —welcome! He will be working on data-driven modeling of parametrized high-dimensional dynamical systems. Nov 25, 2022

  • MODE-Lab was present at JMC 2022 in Valdivida! Matías, Javier, Efraín and Prof. Herrmann gave talks about data-driven modeling, dynamical systems and fluid mechanics. Oct 7, 2022

  • Benjamin Reyes joined the group as an undergraduate research assistant—welcome! Aug 24, 2022

  • B. Herrmann gave a talk on Dimensionality reduction for dynamical systems at CMM Pucón 2022. Aug 18, 2022

  • Our minisymposium on methods for Data-driven modeling of unsteady fluid flows at the 19th USNCTAM was a big success! Jun 24, 2022

  • B. Herrmann enjoyed a productive visit to the McKeon group at Caltech! May 21, 2022

  • Paper just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A describes our new data-driven method—LANDO— that allows disambiguation between linear and nonlinear dynamics from measurementsApr 13, 2022

  • Our 2-part series of papers on gust mitigation control was published in PRF. Take a look at part I and part IIJan 10, 2022

  • We organized a seminar on data science for dynamical systems. Presentations are available hereDec 22, 2021

  • "Data-driven resolvent analysis" paper published in JFMMay 05, 2021

  • Communications Physics paper, "Modeling synchronization in forced turbulent oscillator flows", is now onlineOct 30, 2020

  • New preprint available online, where I show how to do resolvent analysis from data!  Oct 5, 2020

  • B. Herrmann gave a talk at the Second Symposium on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems of the Fields Institute. Sep 21, 2020

  • Presented work on the synchronization dynamics of wake flows to the McKeon research group at Caltech. Mar 25, 2020

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